The aim of my site is to give friends somewhere they trust to get the help they need for using Twitter, a large part of my life over the past few years, to house my favourite photographs and somewhere to dump some general thoughts.

Blogs haven’t been something I’ve taken to in a big way at all.

In previous attempts, I’ve simply lost interest and perhaps, in a way, been cautious about revealing who I am and sharing thoughts. Twitter has taught me well, actually, my many friends have coached me well.

The site is evenly split between my photos, the majority of which shot on iphone and trying to show how easy it is to get more from your Twitter day.  I learn from everyone else by asking questions, watching and learning something new every day.

The quest for knowledge is more satisfying when it’s shared.

So its a huge thanks to all those friends that this site exists. Experience has blessed me with a lot of friends on various networks, relationships that I hope to further cultivate. I hope my written accounts of experiences here  helps, entertains or both..

Thanks for taking the time to visit.



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